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Digital Neuropsychology

Eye tracking based digital biomarkers.



Transforming neuropsychology by leveraging eye tracking data to gain comprehensive brain insights and unlock human potential.


We imagine a world where everyone has effortless continuous insight into their health.

Therefore, we aim to digitize neuropsychology - a field that has yet to be as well understood as our cardiovascular health - by developing scientifically validated cognitive digital biomarkers for continuous monitoring


Current neuropsychological tests are still mostly pen-and-paper based and only provide a single snapshot of a person's mental state.

Digital Biomarkers

Digital biomarkers are a means to collect neuropsychological measurements in an objective way by using digital devices.

Eye Tracking

For the first time and with increasing implementation into a variety of devices such as VR/AR headsets and smartphones, eye tracking technology forms the basis for real-time continuous monitoring.

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Proud to be a part of...


Nexus Challenge

SOMAREALITY is a category-winner “Digital Education in Healthcare” of the Nexus Digital Health Innovation Challenge of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

SmiLe Bootcamp Inclusivity

SOMAREALITY is a winner of the SmiLe Bootcamp Inclusivity-Award of the SmiLe business incubator specialized in life science. The renown Swedish business incubator supports startups through its network of industry partners and investors.

Boost VC DeSci Pitch Day

SOMAREALITY won the 2nd place at the Decentralized Science Pitch Day hosted by Boost VC.

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