We create immersive digital realities.

IMED - Medical Education Platform

Let your students and staff experience the Medical Education of the Future with IMED!

IMED is our all-in-one VR-training platform that teaches medical students and personnel on how to perform medical procedures through 360° videos and hands-on VR training.

AR Medical Imagery

View medical images, such as MRI, Ultrasonic and CT scans through a new lens.

With our technology, medical images are converted into 3D models that can be interacted with through Augmented Reality.

ARvatar - Mobile AR Teambuilding Game

Restore balance to the work place by collaborating with your colleagues on in this exciting AR teambuilding game. The best part - you only need your phone!

In ARvatar, our mobile, AR Teambuilding game, 4 players must gather all four elements and work together to restore balance to the world.


19th Century in VR

Experience history in a 360° environment!

Enjoy a historically accurate, interactive, VR experience of the Mariahilferstraße in Vienna, set in the 19th century.

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AR-assisted Laryngoscopy

Enable doctors and patients to keep a safe distance during a laryngoscopy.

For this project, we can stream the real-time video feed of a laryngoscope onto an AR headset, to assist medical personnel during the intubation process.

VR Training for Automotive Industry

Train how to weld and assemble automotive parts like you would in the real world.

Our interactive VR-training allows workers to practice specific tasks that are required in the assembly of automotive parts.

VR Advertising

Imagine a VR ad for a luxury watch would allow you to immerse yourself in the world of mechanical watches and move you through a giant version of a self-assembling watch.

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