We create immersive digital realities.

IMED - Medical Education Platform

Let your students and staff experience the Medical Education of the Future with IMED!

IMED is our all-in-one VR-training platform that teaches medical students and personnel on how to perform medical procedures through 360° videos and hands-on VR training.

VR Training for Automotive Industry

Train how to weld and assemble automotive parts like you would in the real world.

Our interactive VR-training allows workers to practice specific tasks that are required in the assembly of automotive parts.

ARvatar - Mobile AR Teambuilding Game

Restore balance to the work place by collaborating with your colleagues on in this exciting AR teambuilding game. The best part - you only need your phone!

In ARvatar, our mobile, AR Teambuilding game, 4 players must gather all four elements and work together to restore balance to the world.

AR Medical Imagery

View medical images, such as MRI, Ultrasonic and CT scans through a new lens.

With our technology, medical images are converted into 3D models that can be interacted with through Augmented Reality.

VR Advertising

Imagine a VR ad for a luxury watch would allow you to immerse yourself in the world of mechanical watches and move you through a giant version of a self-assembling watch.


19th Century in VR

Experience history in a 360° environment!

Enjoy a historically accurate, interactive, VR experience of the Mariahilferstraße in Vienna, set in the 19th century.

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