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AR-assisted Laryngoscopy

Streams the video-feed of a laryngoscope into an AR-headset.

This is the prototype for our plug-and-play technology which makes it possible to stream video and image data of medical equipment into the Hololens 2 AR-headset.

In this first iteration, we concentrated on displaying the videostream of a video-laryngoscope on a Hololens 2 headset. This implementation combines the advantages of a traditional laryngoscope without a videofeed and those of a video-laryngoscope.
A traditional laryngsocope has no video feed and thus requires the doctor to get really close to the patient. A video-laryngoscope's video feed is streamed onto a separate monitor, which is usually positioned to the side. This can create a motoric disconnect, which can be especially dangerous when operating on infants.
With our solution, there is no risk of motoric disconnect, because the video-feed is streamed in the direction the doctor is looking. At the same time, we can guarantee a safe distance from doctor to patient.
In the future we plan on streaming other medical data, such as vital parameters, into the headset, so that external monitors can be kept to a minimum.

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