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Augmented Medical Imagery

Display MRI, Ultrasonic, and CT images in Augmented Reality using the Hololens 2

We developed a tool that converts medical imagery, such as MRI, Ultrasonic and CT scans into 3D models. These models can then be looked at in Augmented Reality with the Hololens 2 headset.

Displaying medical imagery in such a way lends itself to multiple usecases. The user can look at scans of organs and bodyparts from multiple angles, as well as move and scale these 3D models with their own hands. Additionally, our technology enables the user to look at multiple scans at the same time, which makes it possible to move and compare them easily.
This can be very helpful when preparing for a medical procedure. These 3d models of medical scans can be placed in augmented reality over the area on the patient and used as a basis for discussions before the operation.
Since the Hololens 2 is quite a big and heavy headset, this project primarily serves as a the first steps of fundamental research and laying the groundwork for when technology has advanced so headsets are smaller and lighter.