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ARvatar - AR Teambuilding Game

Work together to restore balance to the world of ARvatar.

In this exciting AR teambuilding game, 4 players must work together to win the game. Each player plays a different elemental character with different abilities.

Before the game starts, everyone's phone has to be pointed at the physical map of the land of ARvatar. After this, the players have to choose the continent that they will need to play in. Once they have chosen their correct continent, the world appears in AR on their phone. Now they can control their character through simple controls on the phone, while they can also move around in the physical world to see different angles of the map.
Since each player only sees their own continent, they have to communicate constantly to make sure they solve the game within the given time limit.
The game was developed together with the teambuilding company Teamazing.



Players only need their phone and a stable wifi connection to play ARvatar together.

4 Players

4 players have to work together to finish the game successfully.

Time Limit

All the tasks have to be completed before time runs out. Communication is key!

Only Wifi needed

Join other players in a lobby by simply connecting via wifi.