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Introducing IMED

The medical education of the future.

Our new platform IMED enables medical students to learn medical operations and procedures in an all-virtual environment. IMED consists of 360° learning videos, which can be watched on a normal desktop PC or a virtual headset. Once the student has understood the procedure, they can perform it interactively in virtual reality.

To ensure the future education of medical personnel in German-speaking regions in times of crisis, we entered into a cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and the BMK (federal ministry of Austria for climate protection, environment, energy, mobility, innovation and technology.) IMED offers an all-in-one solution for the digitalization of the medical education. This project also won the Datanexus Challenge in 2020.
By 2023 we want to digitize and offer more than 10 areas of medicine on our IMED platform as interactive 360° videos and VR-trainings.


Evaluation & Statistics

Alongside other statistics, users can look at their previous training performances and see, how they have improved overtime.

360° Videos

Every training comes with one or more 360° videos, showing how the medical procedure is supposed to be performed.


Users can train alone or together with other students. Alternativeley, their supervisors can join them to observe and assist with questions during the training. Multiuser enabled trainings offer a unique training experience independent of location.

Distance Learning

Through VR trainings everyone can learn in the comfort of their own room, no dedicated simulation room needed